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  • Milky white Snuff Bottle

    Milky white Snuff Bottle

    Material: glass

    Country of Origin: šChina

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5cm

    Weight: 65g

    not rated 95,00
  • Snuff bottle inlay red color

    Snuff bottle inlay red color

    Lovely transparent snuff bottle with internal red color.  Snuff bottle is made of glass. The outside has two lions which seem to be crawling up the bottle. Nice snuff bottle internal red.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Glass

    Country of Origin: China

    High: 2.76 inch / 7 cm


    not rated 325,00
  • Triple famille rose snuff bottle

    Triple famille rose snuff bottle

    Date: Qing dynasty

    Material : Porcelain

    Country of Origin:  China

    High: 2.76 inch / 7cm

    Weight: 95g

    not rated 625,00
  • unusual shaped snuff bottle

    Unusual shaped snuff bottle

    Here we have an very elegant and unusual shaped snuff bottle. The main body is made of agate which gives it a very subtile flame in very light brown. The shape makes it look like a pear. The stopper is green white flamed. The complete form of the snuff bottle makes you believe it is really a pear. The stopper is in perfect state in copper. Timed at the middle of previous century. But due to the unusual shape and condition this is very desirable piece to collect. It is sold in a very nice and protective box.


    • 9.5 cm high
    • 64 grams
    not rated 575,00
  • Blue enamel snuff bottle

    Blue enamel snuff bottle

    This blue enamel snuff bottle is a special snuff bottle with a catching blue back ground. The painting is of an eye catching couple on both sides. The snuff bottle is made of glass with enamel and a very colorful painting. The lid has a distinct orange color. The snuff bottle is particularly attractive if you are a collector of snuff bottles or even if you are a collector of special imagery. On the bottom there is a red seal to be seen.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Glass

    Country of Origin: China€

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5 cm

    Weight: 78g

    not rated 230,00
  • Cloisonne Snuff Bottle

    Cloisonne Snuff Bottle Export

    Date: Pre- 1970

    Material: Copper body Cloisonné and Enamel

    Country of Origin: China

    High: š2.95 inch / 7.5cm

    Weight: 43g


    not rated 195,00
  • crystal snuff bottle

    Crystal snuff bottle

    Do not be misled by the colour of the snuff bottle. This is really a crystal snuff bottle made out of one complete piece of crystal. The carving is really magnificent in this piece. It is also a very fun piece to look at. The carved figure is an old man holding some kind scepter with a lid and a red lid at the end. This is a highly original and lovely collectors piece.

    This crystal snuff bottle is in an original condition.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material : Crystal

    Country of Origin: China

    High: 3.73 inch / 9.5 cm

    Weight: 90g

    not rated 400,00
  • gold sandstone snuff bottle

    Gold Sandstone Snuff bottle

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: goldsand stone

    Country of Origin:  China

    High: 3.07 inch / 7.8cm

    Weight: 56g

    not rated 495,00
  • Male figures snuff bottles

    Male figures snuff bottles

    Pair of snuff bottles in form of male figures. One is lying on his back, dressed in green and white. The other snuff bottle is dressed mainly in blue and lying on his stomach.

    not rated 275,00
  • Multi color snuff bottle

    Multi color snuff bottle

    Multi color so called snowflake glass snuff bottle. The snuff bottle is relatively narrow with a long neck. The bottle has a multi color overlay of monkeys which are holding fruits. There is a blue seal on the bottle, which can be seen clearly in on e of the images. Nice object for collection this multi color snuff bottle. Look at our other snuff bottles for sale. We are sure you will be able to find something of your liking.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Glass

    Country of Origin: šChina

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5 cm

    Weight: 58g

    not rated 280,00
  • Large green silver armored snuff bottle

    Silver armored snuff bottle

    This is one of the larger snuff bottles we have. This Large green silver armored snuff bottle. It is made of a green stone with a contrasting red stone lid. The snuff bottle is armored on all sides with silver with different animals. It has nice details on the side.

    Date : Around 1900

    Material: Green Stone / Silver

    Country of Origin: China

    HIgh: 4.5 inch / 11.5 cm

    Largest width: 3.5 inch / 9 cm

    Weight: 210 grams

    not rated 185,00
  • vintage snuff bottle

    Vintage Snuff Bottle

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Porcelain

    Country of Origin:  China

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5 cm

    Weight: 55 gr

    not rated 325,00