African Art for Sale

African art something special to be added soon

You haven’t heard from us for a while but we have some exciting news. Soon we will be having something special added. The items will be African Art. These are work of arts which we don’t have often but are very excited by. At the moment it will be exactly 3, but who knows it might be more.



African Art


Africa is of course a huge continent with enormous history also on the art front. It is basically impossible to write down a  summary what it all entails. This is especially true due to the fact that there are so many tribes in Africa. Therefor, you could even travel only a village further and find items which are completely different from each other. Although the distance between the village wouldn’t be large. Nevertheless, not to be going too much into detail. Tribes in Africa is of course a very complex matter. But for the sake of simplicity we keep it to this.

If you are used to European art, especially the older art forms, then you will have to leave that largely behind you. As this will be totally different.


Here is a glimpse of what to expect. A lovely ivory head. If you wish to keep informed about this. Please consider to subscribe to our newsletter. You will be the first to know when the items come available online.


African Art



You can see a notable collection can be seen at The Smithosonian.

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