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    vintage snuff bottle

    Vintage Snuff Bottle

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Porcelain

    Country of Origin:  China

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5 cm

    Weight: 55 gr

    not rated 325,00
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    crystal snuff bottle

    Crystal snuff bottle

    Do not be misled by the colour of the snuff bottle. This is really a crystal snuff bottle made out of one complete piece of crystal. The carving is really magnificent in this piece. It is also a very fun piece to look at. The carved figure is an old man holding some kind scepter with a lid and a red lid at the end. This is a highly original and lovely collectors piece.

    This crystal snuff bottle is in an original condition.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material : Crystal

    Country of Origin: China

    High: 3.73 inch / 9.5 cm

    Weight: 90g

    not rated 400,00
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    gold sandstone snuff bottle

    Gold Sandstone Snuff bottle

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: goldsand stone

    Country of Origin:  China

    High: 3.07 inch / 7.8cm

    Weight: 56g

    not rated 495,00
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    Cloisonne Snuff Bottle

    Cloisonne Snuff Bottle Export

    Date: Pre- 1970

    Material: Copper body Cloisonné and Enamel

    Country of Origin: China

    High: š2.95 inch / 7.5cm

    Weight: 43g


    not rated 195,00
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    Large green silver armored snuff bottle

    Silver armored snuff bottle

    This is one of the larger snuff bottles we have. This Large green silver armored snuff bottle. It is made of a green stone with a contrasting red stone lid. The snuff bottle is armored on all sides with silver with different animals. It has nice details on the side.

    Date : Around 1900

    Material: Green Stone / Silver

    Country of Origin: China

    HIgh: 4.5 inch / 11.5 cm

    Largest width: 3.5 inch / 9 cm

    Weight: 210 grams

    not rated 185,00