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    Blue enamel snuff bottle

    Blue enamel snuff bottle

    This blue enamel snuff bottle is a special snuff bottle with a catching blue back ground. The painting is of an eye catching couple on both sides. The snuff bottle is made of glass with enamel and a very colorful painting. The lid has a distinct orange color. The snuff bottle is particularly attractive if you are a collector of snuff bottles or even if you are a collector of special imagery. On the bottom there is a red seal to be seen.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Glass

    Country of Origin: China€

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5 cm

    Weight: 78g

    not rated 230,00
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    Cloisonne Snuff Bottle

    Cloisonne Snuff Bottle Export

    Date: Pre- 1970

    Material: Copper body Cloisonné and Enamel

    Country of Origin: China

    High: š2.95 inch / 7.5cm

    Weight: 43g


    not rated 195,00