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  • Agate style glass snuff bottle with green stopper

    Agate style glass snuff bottle from China with a stopper and spoon. The stopper is green which gives a nice detail and eye catcher to this bottle. Please beware there is a chip on the top of this snuff bottle … Read More

    not rated 80,00
  • Single snuff bottle from Zodiac box Rooster

    Single snuff bottle from Zodiac box set

    Height of each bottle is 6.99 cm

    Weight of each bottle is averaging around 43 grams

    not rated 175,00
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    Multi color snuff bottle

    Multi color snuff bottle

    Multi color so called snowflake glass snuff bottle. The snuff bottle is relatively narrow with a long neck. The bottle has a multi color overlay of monkeys which are holding fruits. There is a blue seal on the bottle, which can be seen clearly in on e of the images. Nice object for collection this multi color snuff bottle. Look at our other snuff bottles for sale. We are sure you will be able to find something of your liking.

    Date: Qing Dynasty

    Material: Glass

    Country of Origin: šChina

    High: 2.95 inch / 7.5 cm

    Weight: 58g

    not rated 280,00
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    Male figures snuff bottles

    Male figures snuff bottles

    Pair of snuff bottles in form of male figures. One is lying on his back, dressed in green and white. The other snuff bottle is dressed mainly in blue and lying on his stomach.

    not rated 275,00