Snuff Bottles for Sale

What are snuff bottles

Here we give a little explanation of what  antique snuff bottles are. First of all what is snuff? Snuff is made of ground tobacco and is inhaled. Snuff originated from South-America and travelled from Europe to Asia and beyond. The first person to bring snuff to Asia where European missionaries and other western European travelers. This introduction took place around 1750 and onwards into China.

Because of the popularity, a way of transportation was needed and therefor the snuff bottle was invented. This was a small bottle with sometimes a small spoon to lay the snuff in and a stopper on top to guarantee the freshness of the product inside. Materials used in the beginning of the production were metal and glass. As the Europeans started this “fashion” the beautification of these bottles were very influenced by European artists. As you can see here with this example which is also for sale in our shop.

Snuff bottles come in all kind of shapes, colors and materials nowadays. Some very interested antique snuff bottles are the inside painted snuff bottles. Of which we will have some on offer again. A very interested piece we have on offer is a entire box of 12 zodiac snuff bottles. Each snuff bottle has an image of  the Chinese zodiac animals. You can buy it here.

Snuff bottles on offer

You can find one part of the snuff bottles below. Very notable item we have is an ivory carved snuff bottle which is really exquisite. It is one of our favorite pieces. If you would like to have some more information regarding one or more items, you can use the form on the page.

Furthermore, some more snuff bottles can be found in our store. They can be bought straight away via a secure platform of Stripe. In addition we have some other means of payment.

If you don’t see an antique snuff bottle you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us. We might have the item in our stock or we have the means to acquire it for you.

If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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