Nkisi Figure Songye Culture

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From the heart of Central Africa, originating in the rich traditions of the Songye culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dates back to the late 19th to early 20th century CE. This exceptional nkisi figure, a powerful and revered object in Songye culture, is a testament to the artistic mastery and spiritual significance of the time.
Meticulously hand-carved from wood, this figure features a female form, presented in a squatting position atop a circular base. The figure’s nude, stylized portrayal is accentuated by a prominently distended abdomen, often interpreted as a symbol of fertility and possibly indicative of pregnancy. Such nkisi figures, embodying both male and female forms, were traditionally created as dedicatory effigies with the intent of bringing about positive outcomes.


This particular figure measures 10.2 cm inches in diameter and stands 41.9 cm  tall (4 inches x 16.5 inches). It exhibits a remarkable condition for its age, with a unique cavity on the underside of its base. There is a stable pressure fissure evident on the base and the left arm, adding to its historic character. Although the horn element of the figure is slightly loose, it remains securely attached, contributing to the overall authenticity and charm of the piece. The figure is adorned with a beautifully developed patina, further enhancing its aesthetic and historical value.

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