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  • Pende Ivoren Ikhoko

    Pende Ivory Ikhoko from Democratic Republic of Congo

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    DRC Pende Ivoren Ikhoko from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  H 7.5 Cm. This item comes from the Pende people. Dated approximately mid 20th century. A finally carved ivory head of a chief. A finely carved ivory head presenting a dramatic visage composed of a bulging forehead a thick v-shaped brow. Down turned eyes,…

  • Mangbetu ivory figure

    Mangbetu ivory figure for sale

    Here we have a Mangbetu ivory figure. The Mangbetu or sometimes written Monbettu are people living south of the Zande. Northeastern Congo (Kinshasha). Mangbetu is actually referring to the aristocracy.   The figure is of a standing woman, with the typical increased skull.  Furthermore, the arms along the body have some sort of  penetrations in…

  • Ninande Burkina Faso MosiNinande Burkina Faso Mosi

    Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi

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    This figure is a Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi. Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa. It is dating from ca. early 20th century CE. This figure is representing a deceased chief who stands on slightly bent legs with his hands on his hips upon an integral base. This figure is entirely carved from one…