Below you can find some lovely examples of African art. Wonderful items can be found within this wonderful area. We hope you will enjoy the few pieces which we have on offer. We ship world wide and free of any charge. Please keep that in mind. However, some items may not ship outside of the European Union due to complications in the materials.

If you wish to have some more information regarding the pieces i.e. provenance then this is of course possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or you can reach us via other media as well.

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  • Pende Ivoren Ikhoko

    Pende Ivoren Ikhoko from Democratic Republic of Congo

    DRC Pende Ivoren Ikhoko from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  H 7.5 Cm. This item comes from the Pende people. Dated approximately mid 20th century. A finally carved ivory head of a chief. A finely carved ivory head presenting … Read More

    not rated 1000,00
  • Mangbetu ivory figure

    Mangbetu ivory figure for sale

    Here we have a Mangbetu ivory figure. The Mangbetu or sometimes written Monbettu are people living south of the Zande. Northeastern Congo (Kinshasha). Mangbetu is actually referring to the aristocracy.   The figure is of a standing woman, with the … Read More

    not rated 1500,00
  • Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi

    Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi

    This figure is  a Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi. Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa. It is dating from ca. early 20th century CE. A wooden figure representing a deceased chief who stands on slightly bent legs with his … Read More

    not rated 700,00