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  • Nkisi Figure SongyeNkisi Figure Songye

    Nkisi Figure Songye Culture

    4500,00 ex vat

    From the heart of Central Africa, originating in the rich traditions of the Songye culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dates back to the late 19th to early 20th century CE. This exceptional nkisi figure, a powerful and revered object in Songye culture, is a testament to the artistic mastery and spiritual significance…

  • Hand Carved Wooden Face Mask Mwana Pwo

    Hand Carved Wooden Face Mask Mwana Pwo

    2300,00 ex vat

    From Central Africa, specifically from the Chokwe peoples of Angola, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, circa 1920s, comes a remarkable hand-carved wooden face mask known as Mwana Pwo. This mask exhibits a sophisticated design with a striking physiognomy, featuring sunken, heavy eyes under pronounced brows, a slender nose flanked by angular cheekbones,…

  • Pende Ivoren Ikhoko

    Pende Ivory Ikhoko from Democratic Republic of Congo

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    DRC Pende Ivoren Ikhoko from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  H 7.5 Cm. This item comes from the Pende people. Dated approximately mid 20th century. A finally carved ivory head of a chief. A finely carved ivory head presenting a dramatic visage composed of a bulging forehead a thick v-shaped brow. Down turned eyes,…

  • Mangbetu ivory figure

    Mangbetu ivory figure for sale

    Here we have a Mangbetu ivory figure. The Mangbetu or sometimes written Monbettu are people living south of the Zande. Northeastern Congo (Kinshasha). Mangbetu is actually referring to the aristocracy.   The figure is of a standing woman, with the typical increased skull.  Furthermore, the arms along the body have some sort of  penetrations in…

  • Ninande Burkina Faso MosiNinande Burkina Faso Mosi

    Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi

    700,00 ex vat

    This figure is a Ninande Burkina Faso Mosi. Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa. It is dating from ca. early 20th century CE. This figure is representing a deceased chief who stands on slightly bent legs with his hands on his hips upon an integral base. This figure is entirely carved from one…