About Us B-Important the company

B-Important antiques is a new addition to our company.  It makes the company more diversified. However, new we do have experience and expertise in the house. It has been added, although totally different from the original set-up, it will diversify as well as compliment the company in many ways.

The collection you see online is only a very small part. If you are searching for something and do not see it online please contact us with your request with our contact form. I am sure we can help you with your quest.

We are registered at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce under the number: B 160641

VAT Number is: LU 28125313

Also us:

B-Important Fashion Jewellery & Accessories

You might know us from the high quality fashion jewelry and accessories we traded as a wholesaler. This part of our company still exists but under a new name Yazzy’s. You can find the website there. You can have a look at the fashion jewelry and accessories we have on sale there. If you are interested in wholesale this is also stil done but only on an enquiry basis. Just get in touch and you will for sure find what you are looking for.

However, you can contact us as well for inquiries regarding our Fashion jewellery & accessories branch via our contact form.